Weak/ sprain-prone injured ankles; please recommend a good brace to prevent more injury!

I have always had what my mother called "weak ankles".. she claims she's had the same problem. Basically, my ankles are rather "delicate" compared to the rest of me.. slender, whereas I've got big feet and a large frame. I have super-high arches too, always have.

I've seriously sprained each ankle at least once and have had other minor sprains as well. The first time I tore ligaments on the left ankle. Most recently (about a year ago) I tore ligaments and chipped the bone on my right ankle when I stepped into a hole in the grass that I couldn't see and it was the most painful injury to date, and this time I was treated by a podiatrist after my GP couldn't diagnose the problem and couldn't really read the xray well. The podiatrist prescribed a "walking cast" for 6 weeks, brace for another few weeks, etc.

I still get some occasional soreness in this ankle, recently while walking all day (shopping!) I was sore and swollen enough to have to go home. I wasn't wearing very good shoes and I'm careful about that now, but I am so terrified of another ankle roll that it's hindered my activity level.

I'm a dancer and I have been wearing the drugstore foam wrap braces for class but I don't feel secure with them. My doc recommended them, but they seemed to help more with compression for pain when I was swollen and tender rather than with prevention of the ankle turning. They are fine when I know I'll be walking a lot or something but I feel like I need more protection for dance class or roughhousing with my kids outside. I've read that a "hinged" brace is better to prevent any kind of lateral roll. Can you please give me your opinion on what brace is best, and where to get it? I really want my confidence back!

Thanks so much in advance for your time. We're currently uninsured so a trip back to the podiatrist isn't feasable right now.

Posted By Sheri on May 15, 2003 at 02:03:04:

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